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With a growing trend towards polyethylene covered buildings, AWD Contractors is equipped to provide
you with the highest quality structure to use for sand and salt storage, manufacturing stock cover, and
other uninsulated building requirements. Being a Commercial BRITESPAN Dealer allows us to fulfil your building needs.

Being designed and built in Canada and holding a leading 16 year warranty, you can be assured that your building will last. With several standard building models in stock, our team is ready to build when you are.

Our cutting-edge system of smooth, hot-dipped galvanized trusses ensure that your building will not rust or fatigue the cover. On top of that, with our translucent polyethylene cover, our buildings provide a bright interior as well as retaining heat in cold weather while keeping approximately 8 - 15 degrees cooler in warm weather.

List of BRITESPAN Building Models Available
List of Uses
  • Municipal salt storage domes
  • Manufacturing stock and raw material storage
  • Waste and Scrap Recycling
  • Rental storage space

With our range of sizes and different truss and foundation designs, your needs are best discussed with one of our
building consultants. AWD Contractors can provide you with the quality you are looking for, in the time frame you want it, topped by excellent value for money with a BRITESPAN Building.