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AWD Finance

AWD Finance

AWD Contractors has introduced building financing to make it easier for you to get the space you need.   

To make it even easier for you to deal with AWD Contractors, we bring you the best in finance and leasing products.

By reducing your project expense to a simple periodic payment, you leverage the buying power of your operational or capital budgets. You can also add extra features or accessories with only a very small increase in your payment.

In many instances, leasing provides businesses with income tax benefits by allowing them to expense lease payments rather than depreciate them as a capital cost. Debt-to-equity ratios are also unaffected as the building does not appear on the balance sheet.

Leasing allows you to better match your revenue with your expenses by paying for the building while it is used to generate income or to protect profits.

Together, let us tailor the package to suit your specific needs.